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Our Approach

Diversifying Sources of Return

Our investment strategy values assets that diversify from traditional public equity and fixed-income returns and risks

Traditional Portfolio

A Colter Lewis Portfolio

Broad Opportunity Set

Our alternatives universe includes buyouts, venture capital, growth equity, direct real estate, private debt, and idiosyncratic assets, as well as select hedge funds.

Enhanced Return Potential

In exchange for the illiquidity of alternative investments, we seek returns that are 5% to 10% higher than comparable public investment options.

Specialized Managers

We identify opportunities with the most compelling investment attributes, not simply the largest name-brand funds. We partner with specialized, focused managers who can exploit dislocations in their areas of expertise.

Evaluation of Risks

Alternative investments come with unique risks, including illiquidity, long-term capital commitments, investment concentration, and higher fees. We assess each of these carefully, with particular attention to alignment with managers and margin of safety.

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